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Digital SAT Planning

The Digital SAT will soon impact testing timelines for the Class of 2025 and beyond.

Happy first day of December! 2024 marks the beginning of the full transition of the SAT test to the digital format. This means the pencil and paper test that many of us are familiar with will cease to exist after the December 2023 SAT date. 

The first date of the digital SAT of the new year will be March 9, 2024. This gives students a little over 3 months to prepare for this new format. I strongly recommend students take the SAT on this date, and Just Solve It will begin preparing students for the March SAT beginning next week. 

If your student is looking to improve their math scores with strategies and reteaching content, we can help. We can also work with students to get more comfortable with the digital format of the SAT. Winter break is an ideal time to prepare, and it’s a good idea for your student to take advantage of the season to review, learn, and aim to maximize their scores without the added burden of juggling school and other competing priorities. 

All of our services are one-on-one, and we cater to students of all CT towns to offer in-person and virtual tutoring sessions. Please feel free to reach out at www.justsolveittutoring.com, email us luismathhelp@gmail.com, or call 860-833-6252.

My son has a chronic illness that often forces him to be absent from school. Luis began tutoring my son when he was in his second semester and had begun to fall behind in his Algebra I course. Unlike tutors we'd had before who could barely communicate in English, Luis excels at explaining math with clarity. My son also really liked Luis because he is so funny, kind and enthusiastic. My son not only did well in the class, but he also understood key concepts in math. We are so grateful for Luis's help.
L. from New Britain
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